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Sometimes it is the familiar things that feel the best, driving up this morning I was not put off by the low cloud because I knew that the forecast brought us some sunshine between the grey and the rain later. … Continue reading


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It was rather desperate after driving all day to get to the Dolomites during a reasonable day at Bassano to then find it unflyable had left us all a bit broken in spirit. We had this one last desperate chance … Continue reading


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It was a little like diving in a swimming pool, leaping off the top at its steepest part aiming to get ahead of my glider what was rolling off back to the car all on its own. I was too … Continue reading

Friday off…

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Because it was on at the Dyke. I almost could not believe it, almost could not believe how few people were out on a beautiful day, too windy for many paragliders too which made the day much easier. Shame the … Continue reading


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After what feels like far too long a time where there have been too few good days, meaning when I saw it was going to be on at Caburn I really did not feel that I had a choice but to … Continue reading


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I saw this chance on Monday, talked about it on Tuesday and then waited, quietly. This waiting business would be repeated on the hill as we needed to be patient while the day took its time to come alive. Thermalwise, a trigger … Continue reading