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I had not thought that it was all that flyable but was happy to find all the right arrows pointing in most of the right directions and so knew that Sunday would contain a little flying. Opposite to other recent … Continue reading


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While I am not flying anything like as much as I would like what I am doing is responding to things more creatively that I have for ages. I am happy at my attempt at the T-shirt for the 2016 … Continue reading


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After a strange aborted attempt at flying on the saturday due to car crashes, 3 hour drives to launch when I should be 20 minutes, cold windy knarly air I was happy to find me at the Dyke rigging and … Continue reading

Boring Soaring

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It was an overcast forecast and a little windy but it was a chance to have a few flights and more importantly a few landings. I was a little nervy after last weeks parking congestion so felt some tension when … Continue reading


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First time after a long time is often a little wobbly while you the air once more, this was a lot like that and in many ways I was not surprised. This year I have a great summer trip lined … Continue reading

little things…

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After some days without hope in their forecasts, it was nice to leave the pub last week able to look forward to a potential good day coming. Saturday was blown out yet Sunday did not really have enough, it was sunny however and … Continue reading

boring soaring

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really good launch into a nice easy ridge soaring day – had a nice fly about and enjoyed the peace – enjoyed too my new AIR and its speed indication but need to spend more time getting to know what it’s … Continue reading


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While looking out the window of my train home I noticed that the wind looked NE – since Swanborough, the obvious site for such conditions but not one we can freely choose to fly in these days, che peccato, vero… Not … Continue reading


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If I accept that I am in a way recovering after an illness then this flight today was one of those first glimpses of wellness rising over the horizon sort of flights. Short airtime flights all this year so far … Continue reading