I’d forgotten…

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I quite forgotten just how much fluid you lose while climbing Mt Caburn, somehow the years since erased that memory entirely. After a nice chat with some walkers and an agreement with a modeller I was ready to go quite … Continue reading


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I saw this chance on Monday, talked about it on Tuesday and then waited, quietly. This would be reflected too on the hill as we needed to wait for the day to come alive. Thermalwise, a trigger temp of ~12C … Continue reading


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Seems the flyable days and I coincide on a monthly basis these days. I missed September because on its good day I had a cold so I was keen to get something out of this one. I set the alarm … Continue reading


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After yesterdays inability to even start the task had my stomach turn with talk that today we were to try to fly over the Grossglockner. I felt that it was not sensible for me to even try and started to visualise a … Continue reading


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The task today was to cross the main chain of the alps and not come back, we had no retrieve and so I collected leaflets about busses and trains on the 2 main corridors back. Ambition is good but however … Continue reading


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The plan had been to compete at the Slovenian Open – itself me responding to Gerolf’ suggestion after seeing I had signed up for the Austrian Open, that conversation resulted in me joining his class and the weather helped us … Continue reading

Monte Pizzoc

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We could only see far away chances, drove early to Vittorio Veneto for a flight from Monte Pizzoc back to Gemona. Launching from such high places feels like cheating after my 450ft home sites taking off at 1500m or over … Continue reading

cloudy start

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After a night kept awake by the rain waking up with everything feeling damp it was so unlike a flying day so it was rather disbelievingly that I drove off to see the others. We talked a lot about cake, about what we would … Continue reading


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Round and round and round we go, it is the thing we do as glider pilots, where we are most happy going round and going up, finding the clouds and being free. For me coming here is to arrive full circle after … Continue reading