a gift from Southern


The night before I had been left stranded by Southern Railways on my way home from work, the rails had broken and the trains had jammed up meaning it all ground to a halt leaving me to have to get on my bike and ride home.

Not trusting that the trains would be back to normal in the morning I took the day off work in part out of frustration at the trains and in part because the forecast was so good for today.

My new weather service told me to be patient and wait for the day to warm up it told me too that once it did that the air would be alive so I spent the morning doing some washing after Tamsyn and I had a weekend in Milan.

Getting to the hill I found it to be busy and full but sunny and on feeling so trying to take my own advice I spent my time rigging and not listening to any negative comment on how busy or light it was – choosing to counter these comments with my own positive sense for the day.

I still dithered and was about the last off to get into the good air, only just managing to hang on long enough to find some and get up.

The views were amazing, the sea was painted bright by the sun and the air left clean and blue yet still alive and lifty by the low November sun.

I made an attempt to run along the ridge to Truleigh but did so in sinky air the whole way so on my way back I just came in and took a landing.

I love my new glider.

It felt really peaceful – so beautiful a day to steal from a normally metronomic week of work.

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