a peaceful day

XC landing ;)

I was late to the hill after having to take my son to the airport and so after a whole morning in the car I spent an afternoon on the hill.

The air looked amazing all the time I was in the car, even when I got to the hill it continued to look good all the time I was rigging and then as I was walking to launch everyone landed reporting that the sea breeze was in and the air was dead.

I waited for a while – walked and talked and waited and drank tea until it had blued out and the breeze felt on the hill enough to have a go. I could see the PGs getting up a little in cycles so on seeing one start I had a go.

me waiting
me waiting

It was nice to cling on for a while have a go – then land all in 10 minutes – but great all the same – so much better to have a go and fantastic not to be bothered by a likely bottom landing seeing that my confidence is back and flying once more is peaceful feeling and fun – full of friendly chat – full once more of wonder and adventure…

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