A Rare Flyable Day

Driving away from a flyable hill is one of the things in life that just does not feel right, driving away with vigour feels perverse especially when I have not flown since November.

It was that time and moving flat that took my basebar to the corner of the garage and then not to the hill that first time out in a while, an understandable mistake, lucky for me it fitted with the character of the air, meaning a later takeoff was better than an earlier one. Lucky me.

Nerves had me wait for a little at launch to gather myself and be ready to go, once away however it just felt good, simply good, nothing complicated, just really nice to be back in the air.

Ridge soaring is like flying comfort food, easy, contained, simple but so satisfying, add a few easy thermals and it becomes quite tasty too.

After flying out to the A27, using up my height looking for something out front, I returned to the hill in dead feeling inert air, compelling a landing.

My landing was great, nice approach, the right heights, the right feeling and the right ending.

When my glider settled on my shoulders and I walked back in I had a very easy smile…

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