Adventure flying

Today I had to get over the sense that yesterday was so good that I was again worried I may do something stupid because I thought I was like a hero… sometimes nerves always find a way to win.

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I was cautious at launch and waited till I was able to see something to fly to, no one pushed me, but I think they were about to but there are no prizes for being the wind dummy.

Launch was fine and I established in lift quickly so the game was on. I again flew back into the mountains and progressed to the east. I again became stuck waiting to climb to cloudbase ready to make the crossing, I had to be patient but became frustrated when one of the other pilots climbed up through me, I got to a point some way from base and just went for it.

I connected well on the other side near a quarry high in the mountains, I could feel the presence of the ground and the affect it had on the air, I tried and tried eventually finding lift, strong lift back to base.


I then made the most amazing ridge crossing of these new mountains welded to base, chilled by the clouds and amazed I was experiencing this wonder.

The next crossing was not so easy and I did not connect well with the other side, I began to slide down below the trees and had to unzip to be ready to land.

Gerolf came on the radio telling us all he had truncated the task early, I was a little confused at first. I am managing to be patient in lift and then find a way up – I think to chess night and Steve Cooks advice it really works.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 21.31.29

I found some lift on my way to goal enough to make it guaranteed I would get there, I took this far too high, almost all the way to base and then made myself a little sick winding off the height, Gerolf later said it was an embarrassing final glide, and that I should have tried to fly home.

Landing was better but not great however in and aesthetic way rather than a safety way this time – so a good improvement.

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XC Flight on August 12th: 46.845430, 13.342517
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