at long last…

launching for the first time after my accident

I made it. After a long and painful not to say boring and sometimes scary recovery from my accident I finally flew again. In my mind I was worried about take off in particular, after all this is where it all went wrong before.

The forecast was just perfect, a nice breeze onto Firle with its open takeoff and landing area together with generous bottom landing options. Having been cycling to work for a while and getting on with my physio so well everything came together in my mind and in my heart, it was time, I was ready.

It was unsettling walking to take off, my friends were about as excited as I was, but the wind felt blustery and I was unsure. It was simply just a little scary to be there clipped in and ready to go after all that had happened.

However the glider felt good, and my patience paid off as it eventually felt ready, balanced and level. The trigger in my gut fired its gun and I called release…

launching for the first time after my accident

It was all so smooth and easy I did wonder how I had managed to get it so wrong. It was so lovely to find myself watching the birds again, feeling the air under my wings, the sounds, the smells, the peace, the wonder… my heart sang…

So many people have helped me get to this stage, my friends, the surgeons and nurses, my wife’s extraordinary care and attention, I find myself feeling fortunate in so many ways, I give thanks to you all.

Il mio cuore ballare come quelli due farfalle, mi trovo il mio casa una volta più.

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