After a strange aborted attempt at flying on the saturday due to car crashes, 3 hour drives to launch when I should be 20 minutes, cold windy knarly air I was happy to find me at the Dyke rigging and feeling like it was going to work.


Procrastinating because Tamsyn and Casey were coming to watch I happily procrastinated for quite a long time, eventually they arrived just as I was defrosting in my car so I was happy to finally kit up and get off.

I procrastinated a little more just to make sure I was ready and not too keen but got in the air after a nice take off finding the lift to be easy and the air active. My vario made lots of beeping noises.


I tried to remain concentrated on the line of lift I did find and not drift about losing focus in the way I have become accustomed to recently but found myself coming in for a landing earlier than I would have liked.

Johhny Carr chatting…

Overshooting the first time and finding strong lift all round the landing field I made a fast concerted effort to stay down and so on my downwind leg had an indicated 80kmh… :)

Grant Crossingham landing.
Grant Crossingham landing.

Nearly landing on a tourist was a little distracting but fun afterwards, he seemed annoyed somehow.

I packed up and went back for sunday diner at Tamsyn’s house, a great day.

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