Bloody fantastic

After a long time off I had become far to anxious to fly – I had even thought to give away all my gear – why persist with something that made me feel so bad inside, continuing seemed somehow masochistically insane.


In the end I knew that if I was patient then a day would come where everything I needed would line up and this was that day – after so long finally my heart felt set free to fly.


My launch was a little weak meaning I had a close encounter with a bush and my landing was affected by me not figuring out that the wind had changed so had some tailwind component and significant ground speed – but – my new Rotor VultoS harness was bloody fantastic. I was left feeling so much more free to feel and control my glider all that struggle to keep upright in my old Cosmic had gone and in the end my landing was fine I felt in control and poised ready rather than trailing and forgotten.

From the day before when I had been too windy and cold – another day when I de-rigged without a flight – one of many.

What a long and difficult journey, I made it, survived, I knew what I needed the patience to wait for it to be right and had to walk away from many days where it was possible to fly but where I was not happy inside me enough.

In the end when I landed I became deeply emotional, had to pause for a little bit to feel everything course through me… once unclipped I gave Ozzie such a hug he complained I was hurting his back :)

Bloody fantastic.

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