Buon Capodanno

There could be no better way to start the year than to wake to beautiful sunshine and to know that the day was good for some flights. My friends and I had been following the forecast for today since last week. The days all around have been stormy and wet, the whole holiday had only 2 days where it was pleasant to go outside. This was one of them.

In the end it was a little too west and a little too light to make the day a good one. However it was enough good to let me try my new longer hang loop and other little changes to my harness. A good day too to fly my new glider just the second time since October.

First flight 2013

I leave the day feeling really happy that the changes worked well, I felt comfortable and happy on my new T2, its lovely responsive and its handling feels natural. I spent a lot of the day looking down on my friends which in a way was a nice feeling, knowing that  I have chosen the right glider means I look forward even more to my plans for this year.

the fateful landing... oops !!

Unfortunately however I broke an upright landing after my second flight. I made a similar approach to the paddock over the pub and the trees the difference this time was starting a little lower, I was worried about overflying the landing area and having to go around so I was deep into the field. This meant that my penultimate turn took me a little downwind and my relative unfamiliarity with the glider stopped me making an attempt to correct the issue low down – so I chose to land on my belly using the wheels – my last thoughts before touchdown were that I would be covered in cow poo – in the end there was too much cross in my approach and the base bar dug in and I then went through the upright – embarrassing but a reminder that you have to be fully on the concentrated when landing.

[03/01/13 – Thoughts about this landing have been playing on my mind – I am sure the main error on my part was to be looking at the cow poo rather than to spot on the hill where I wanted to land – looking ahead then makes the thought of turning seem improbable where if you are focused on your target it is just what you do to get there… a basic and costly error.]

a wee drinky to say hello to the new year...
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