Busy day at Swanborough

After the usual family things I still managed to get to the hill quite early. However I did not launch until much later because while I was rigging I found that one of my sprogs was broken, it had been pulled out its mounting plug possibly from a de-rigging error or from unusual forces going through the glider after my first tow last week. John lent me some tools and I managed to fixed it ok, the tube is a little deformed however as the sprog is in compression this is not a big problem it will be added to my list of spares from Airways.

I finally decided that given the forecast they day was going to switch off soon so I was in danger of not flying all the kick I needed to I get myself organised and launch in a good cycle. The lift was great, I should have launched earlier, but unusually for this site the sky was busy meaning I found it hard settle into the lift. Responding to this I flew into the north bowl looking for some peace but only found sink, I tried to hang on but was just too low, the trees began to look big so I went for a landing on the bombout field.

Trip to the bottom field...

It was great to see so many hangies out on theĀ hill – even though the day was so marginal. John had his students there both tethered and those doing high flights. My old Eagle was flying, it was funny seeing it there. Tim was there with his paragliding students, it was odd having them there especially odd having to avoid them in lift. Nice day out.

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