Carry up the Caburn

After my frustrating competition weekend I was absolutely determined to fly. The air for the weekend was coming first from the south east then south west between Saturday and Sunday. The cliff launches were not on as the air was warm so the only option was the climb up Caburn.

Saturday was a lost cause from the word go, off the the east saw other pilots sitting at Beachy Head but there were no birds up and things were light there so I went alone to Caburn and climbed to take off so I could chat to some modelers who said the air was rough and full of holes. Eventually one of the models started to gain height so I went to get my glider – all I wanted was to get my feet off the ground and leave the memory of the BOS behind me. After a bit of effort and some help from Nicos I got what I wanted – a quick 4 minute flight to the landing area and a lovely spot landing.

This time I used a different method to carry my glider which worked a treat and was easy to fly off with. My flight was fine, the air was a little active and after I settled I was able to make something of the lift. Later however it got scratchy and my determination to hang on for as long as I could got the better of me a little. I recovered up to takeoff height but lost it again and so I chose to go for a landing. The trip back was marginal, fast down the slope to the trees where I converted some speed to height in order to make the landing field. It was a scrappy landing but a good one.

Later we shared a beer and some laughs while the paragliders flew.

A nice peaceful weekend.

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