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It was rather desperate after driving all day to get to the Dolomites during a reasonable day at Bassano to then find it unflyable had left us all a bit broken in spirit. We had this one last desperate chance … Continue reading

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Pove del Grappa

Finally, a little flight, since arriving it’s been raining and so even this small chance became our best chance. I clipped a windsock pole on launch and never really made any headway meaning I was the first to land. The … Continue reading

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Monte Pizzoc

We could only see far away chances, drove early to Vittorio Veneto for a flight from Monte Pizzoc back to Gemona. Launching from such high places feels like cheating after my 450ft home sites taking off at 1500m or over … Continue reading

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Escape to Italy

The day started beautifully sunny and calm but the forecast told us it would rain. It was our plan to go to italy so with some disbelief from the Russians we drove off. Gerolf chose eventually Meduno rather than Gemona, … Continue reading

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It all started with a testing amount of bad weather, it rained from my departure and for two days after my arrival however it remained pleasant, or at least warm, most of the time. I visited a friend in Slovenia … Continue reading