Round and round and round we go, it is the thing we do as glider pilots, where we are most happy going round and going up, finding the clouds and being free.

For me coming here is to arrive full circle after my first adventure here back in 2011, since then life has had far too many challenges for one peaceful Scotsman so being here to a great extent shows that I had the strength and survived intact.

It’s not a place you would ever have chosen to come however if you had spent any time looking at the forecast, since I arrived and now while I write it has rained, yet this morning it felt good and so off I went to Lijak to see what the day might offer.

flight-sales-1Arriving there I found someone to come with me in the car to the ramp launching place, I chose that to be away from the paragliders and to return to a place where I had been before. When he drove off and left me there alone I was struck by the peace and the feeling that it was nicely on so I rigged.

IMG_20160613_124552399_HDRI took my time and made sure everything was ok – in the end with the wind in my face I launched finding the glider dip into the lull between the ramp and the trees – keeping the nose down all the way letting it off as the trees came up saw me climb into nice warm weak feeling air.

IMG_20160613_150543209_HDRMost of the flight was quite scratchy only when I started chasing clouds did I find lift, but once at base I felt that unique privilege that flying gifts you each time you get there.

IMG_20160613_150522847_HDRI did not venture far as the clouds were towering and looking dodgy so I stayed close and simply enjoyed flying. Once I started to see lightning I thought it was time to land – the lightning was far off so I was safe but it showed the clouds to be dark and brooding – it was a good choice.

IMG_20160613_154326024I made it back to Tolmin mostly dry – and after a coffee and later some wine I write this feeling happy and peaceful.

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