il volo dell’aquila

Getting ready with all my feelings present and correct, thinking that rigging my glider would be a calming experience ahead of visiting my rock for a bit of quiet reparations.

My tip rod snapped, it just felt soft when I pulled the over-centre lever over to lock it in place, all of a sudden I had to find a solution, with luck I had the old one in the car unfortunately in my car parked at Gerolf’s B&B.

“We may not be here when you return”, said Gerolf as he gave me the keys, “ok, I understand”, I said as I scrambled off, Natasha asked to follow so we could sort out the positioning of the cars at the same time. Good idea.

Pushing it a little I was reminded of the evenings following Ozzie down that same road exactly 5 years before, the feeling of that time – its calm and peaceful nature, I was determined to fly today.


It felt a lot faster coming back up, arriving to see them all still at launch but dressed and ready. I got myself ready, finished rigging and then clipped in to go.

In the rush I forgot to plug in my radio and so asked Natasha to plug me in but not feeling the pins she crushed them all leaving me to get out of my harness and bend them back. That done and the others already on their way to base I launched to join them.


After launching without any time to relax I found it almost impossible to climb and felt really deflated, I tried and tried – which in itself was the problem – but tired and deflated I gave up, thought to land at camping where I started to imagine me lying about in the sun and relaxing.


Then an eagle flew past and started to climb out in the valley, O was reminded about the butterflies and so followed feeling blessed, turned in the warm boyant air together with my eagle feeling my flight finally begin.

Having missed the task I chose to fly out to Italy and visit the site of my ‘other’ accident, completing a flight from years before and doing at least part of the task. The bit I most wished to fly. In the end it felt easy and so while still high and secure in good air I cleared the ridge and finally I saw the field… felt a little emotional… and so drank in all the sights and feelings of being again in this beautiful place – turned round and flew quietly home.


Landing at our goal was great – I was happy but also exhausted – felt that finally I have put a cap on that period – time to move on at long long last.

I am lucky a lot to have the chances I do – to have the ability to fly and the experiences I have had – lucky more than most.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 15.33.24

Later we would eat together with Matjaz.

This is exactly what I needed.

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