Day off on Swanborough

rigged and ready on Swanborough

The weather has been terrible for flying recently, we are not really having many chances to get in the air much less try for cross country flights. So when the forecasts for Wednesday 20th pointed to a flyable day and one where it was even vaguely possible to get away and attempt a flight we all took the day off and even made a task to Petersfield to give us a goal to work towards.

I felt excited and nervous having declared my intent to get away there would be no hiding my failure if I ended up ridge soaring or arrived into the bottom field. However there was no need to worry as the sea air had killed all the thermals even before we had rigged. The day looked great but nothing at all was going up.Very strange indeed, but otherwise nice to spend a day fiddling with radios and chatting.

I even managed a little flight in rough air that was only just on the hill enough to get off, a flight of pure desperation but happy to have been in the air I was content enough when I went home that the day was not all lost.

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