After what feels like far too long a time where there have been too few good days, meaning when I saw it was going to be on at Caburn I really did not feel that I had a choice but to take some air.

Parking up it felt too windy for any flying to be fun but Matt was taking a tandem student up and Mr Magic offered to help carry up so in the absence of a viable excuse off we went.

Sure enough, it was windy on top but after a grey start to the day overcast and heavy feeling misty clouds it had cleared to a beautiful sunny day. Mr Magic took off first and once I had roped a jogger into taking my nose I got off too, the air was good – going alone would have been fine but its always best with some help.

The flight was lovely, my new hang height felt much better and so the whole thing was comfortable leaving me to really enjoy watching the glider in front.

All the while we were up however the air was slackening off, in the end after an hour I sped off for a landing after all I need the practice.

In the end, after scaring a few cows and getting turned towards the river I made a really nice landing. Great to be back. The cows came back too while we were derigging causing some consternation.

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