dolci ricordi

beautiful light over Swanborough

The weather has been nice for a few days now, others have been flying at the Dyke for a lot of this week, I was not so interested in days where there were few chances to get away… I have this taste now to travel…

In fact there was a mistake on the RASP site where the wrong data was shown as the latest for the day – so on a quick flash through the charts I was thinking it was on, so I begged to be off an hour early and baled.

However once I was home it was very windy, too windy really, I had made this effort so I resolved to make my final choice on the hill after all a cup of tea is best enjoyed in peace and quiet in the high places of this earth.

Decision made and just as I was driving home however it felt calmer, one last look confirmed it and so I rigged. Flying was really very beautiful, particularly on this day more than others so to be able to enjoy my memories in the air felt special.

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