Thinking those thinking of Beachy were over enthusiastic I toyed with the idea of cycling there. Right up until we woke early enough to sit out having a cup of tea to see it had become a peachy Beachy day.

It took about an hour to grab my glider and go, driving up seeing Dave Matthews 1000ft above launch glinting in the sunshine.

Rigged ready,  no time for tea and a chat,  as the day was weakening all the time,  I got clipped in and launched.

What a stunningly beautiful day. I’d forgotten just how peaceful it is to fly from the coast over the cliffs, the infinite views out to sea, become like a dream.

The landing was a bit wonky, too fast too much energy then a mushy turn that dropped me out the sky, I was lucky to get away with it.

Great to see everyone while I packed up to get off and cook Sunday roast.

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