Encounter with the Sea Breeze…

approaching sea breeze

Arriving a bit late to find a few wings rigged, did a bit too much chatting and so decided I was here to fly and rigged. Nothing is surer than being unable to fly with a glider in its bag.

It was not looking so good, a red ribbon pilot made a good fist of weak conditions earlier much to the amusement and then admiration of the onlooking crowd, but the scrutiny made me wonder if I would do so well. A trip to the bottom field would be ignominious at best with such a panel of judges as this.

So we drank tea for a while… told stories and generally relaxed in the sunshine. I began to notice the birds getting up a bit better and could also see that the PGs were up a little more than before over on Bo Peep so I took myself to the front of the hill to focus and be ready to go.

The air was gently lifty over the trees in front of launch, letting me climb slowly push forward a little and try some more, all the time I was doing this I was watching the sea air approaching quite quickly from the coast. It was interesting seeing it tread its way up the valleys behind launch and sure enough there came a point when someone hit the down button so it was time to land.

Just as I made my approach the front blew through the landing field and gave me a bit of a kicking turning me sharply downwind – I regained control and made an arrival with nothing bent out of shape…

Possibly I should have landed a few minutes before, but I was happy to have made something of the day, and was glad to have watched the sea air approach as it was visually very beautiful.

A nice weekend.

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