While looking out the window of my train home I noticed that the wind looked NE – since Swanborough, the obvious site for such conditions¬†but not one we can freely choose to fly in these days, che peccato, vero…

Not sure if it had too much east I drove up anyway thinking laying about in the grass would be preferable to lying about on my sofa watching telly.


I had a lovely little sunset flight that reminded me of one of my very early flights I made in similar conditions on my old WW Eagle. I was very happy flying about while watching the light change – looking over at Piddinghoe knowing that this is my last night there ahead of leaving and divorcing my wife.

During the flight I was kept company by a rather irate pair of Buzzards, they kept me in sight and squawked quite a bit but mostly they were just beautiful and added to the magic of the night.

Getting to the hill, rigging and flying in one smooth uninterrupted motion was really nice and saw me in my glider feeling very relaxed and quite in tune with everything. I was happy in the air today and connected to my glider more than for a long time I think in part because I was not thinking about things too much – I was less mindful of flying and maybe not talking to people before left me more clear inside me than maybe after talking and speculating on the conditions and the day where others negative comments about this or that can actually kind of infect my own thinking and decision making.

Landing was a little crap as I made a short approach and landed in the rigging area in the wind gradient РI had plenty of speed on and so felt it but was not affected by it and made a good landing РI was a little unhappy at my decisions however as it was risky landing there.

Overall it was a lovely flight to define an ending in a positive way.

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