Escape to Italy

The day started beautifully sunny and calm but the forecast told us it would rain. It was our plan to go to italy so with some disbelief from the Russians we drove off.

Gerolf chose eventually Meduno rather than Gemona, I would have liked to confront my fears more by flying again in Gemona but this will be another day.

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 14.51.24
Greif 311

Meduno felt a lot like Firle and the Dyke, but on a bigger scale. It was interesting to fly without a clear task in mind different very from the other days. I struggled at first to climb to base but did eventually manage up following a climb over the back. It was beautiful to see this corner of the world once more, although it was hazy a lot meaning I could not see the sea.

Launching was on the ramp and it was mostly very windy, however, when I got there a thermal out front had taken all the wind away – I waited to feel a breeze and to see the streamers all point at me for a little while before I ran, mindful of Gerolf’s advice keeping the nose down I felt nothing from the glider and ran … fast… it was all ok – flight happened nicely I kept the nose down and converted back up to ramp height.

I flew at first a little with Natasha but did not find good lift out front so returned to the ridge, I waited and tried and waited but did not find much then at last I took a good climb back up to a dark cloud. I left lift about 500ft form base but within seconds while gliding made base anyway.

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 14.53.44

In the end I had a nice flight flew along a little to make a triangle and made likely the best landing I have made for all of this year. Very happy.


Less happy with my italian language, I ordered coffee but felt stupid a little – later in Tolmezzo I managed to talk with the waiter a little to ask if we could all pay separately and this felt better. I found italian words fall from me ok – I look forward to my new lessons.

Heart Rate Data

This shows that I was getting progressively more anxious proir to launching and then quickly recovering and trending down during the flight then peaking at a huge 175bpm when I landed.

I remember making a long approach to landing here it was really calm feeling, I very much appreciate Gerolfs advice in making a descent upwind then a classic downwind crosswind approach, in this case I pulled out of the descent too early and then had to extend my approach finally having to make a figure of eight to block a too high entry into finals for the landing field – I was worried to extend into the higher crop I had seen when I walked the field on the way up the hill. I am not surprised given my history of crap landings that it was peaking like this.

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