Sometimes it is the familiar things that feel the best, driving up this morning I was not put off by the low cloud because I knew that the forecast brought us some sunshine between the grey and the rain later.

It all went in a smooth and convivial flow, rigging chatting waiting and then flying worked a treat. In the air, I was happy and content, aware of how beautiful the coast is and pleased to be doing quite well.

My landing, however, was not so elegant, unwanted lift on an already high approach left me a lot to do which translated into speed which wanted be to overshoot which I did not want to do which brought me in on my belly on the downslope from which we launch.

Later I would talk politics and otherwise catch up with Steve Cook chatting and catching up with others later too…

A student would end up up a tree meaning a later flight would be stopped by helicopter being in the bottom field. Never a dull day flying, I hope that the student is ok now…

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