Finally a northerly…

setting up

Facebook had been reminding me in the last days of this or that flying weekend 3 or 4 years ago, leaving me feeling that it had actually been that long since there had been northerlys at The Dyke.

Light, thermic conditions had us waiting a while, I was lined up with about 5 others all clipped in before feeling happy to launch.

In the end is was as it always is, some internal trigger and off I went for an almost nil wind run what felt like all the way down the hill.


Flying over to the lift got me below ridge height and left me one chance to connect but in the end it was easy and off I went to base and a punt around a few clouds chasing Dave Matthews, Johnny, Cookie and Taka from cloud to cloud staying above about 1500 while getting up to about 2800 it all flowed nicely.

I remembered comment on sticking with lift, on thinking about the clouds not the ground, about sticking to choices (mostly) and about staying relaxed.

Dark mammatus clouds and generalised good lift everywhere together with seeing Cookie landing had me start to think maybe something was up with these dark brooding feeling clouds I thought I would work that one out on the ground too.

A great little flight on my new glider, made the Bank Holiday weekend complete.

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