We fixed the tug, after many sessions in a cold barn somewhere in the Sussex countryside, after all the parts had been researched, ordered, delivered, fabricated and now lovingly fitted, finally its ready to go.

Yesterday we completed the final task and fired her up, there is something about it all that just makes you smile, all the effort and anticipation, its what its all about, why we are here.

For me, I am split between the excitement of launching via aerotow again and not a little worry about how it will be on my new glider. The timing of the tugs demise was not great for me, I had only just qualified, so now its been a long gap. However I was happy with launching before, and have been practicing on each flight flying since with high speeds and different VG settings to simulate some of how it will be when the time comes.

Can’t wait, its been such a slow start to the season, we are already in March and have hardly had the chance to feel our feet missing the ground. Lets hope, speriamo… for better weather and the promise of a fine season full of long cross country flights.

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