il mio giocattolo

Flying my new glider.

I had been away with the office for a long weekend of drinking and eating with not much sleeping in between. Having just arrived home after all that I received a text wondering if I would be out the next day, not having even looked at the weather for a week meant that came as a bit of a surprize.

However a quick look at RASP showed some promise, it did look like an epic winters day. Nice lapse rate charts and a steady wind to give us reliable ridge lift between them if they in fact turned up. I thought about being dutiful and going to work for all of 3 minutes then went downstairs to put my GoPro on charge.

It would after all be the first day out with my new glider.

I was however knackered and so I was late to the hill, or on time in my universe. I was rigged and almost ready while they were all launching for the first time so my first launch on my new glider was done on my own, which was just as well because I nearly bolloxed it up.

I think I ran weakly and maybe had the nose up a little but I dropped a wing and started running in a wide arc needing me to get right over on the basebar. I visualised crashing for a fraction of a second and then got on board – the initial launch was all crossed up but it stabalised ok and I was off for a nice flight along the Firle ridge.

My landings and other launches were all good each better than the last and the last was right at sunset. What a deeply beautiful day to fly my new T2, I could not have asked for a better one. In a way good too for everything not to have been too easy… thats not good either.

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