First flights on new glider.

After less flying than I would have liked and against the best advice I took the day off work simply itching to fly. Looking expectantly from my window it looked dull and grey but there the wind forecast to be steady all day on Firle so I made breakfast and went anyway. So nice be alone on the hill, the conditions felt fine so I rigged confident I had made the right choice. My take off much better than Saturday’s on the Dyke. I went on to fly in takeoff and modelers bowl for 20 mins feeling for trim relaxing and feeling free – after 20 minutes I went for a landing.

I did not unclip just reset my vario and walked forward to take off again – felt great. Once I had some height I started to pull on VG just a little – it made the glider not stiff so much as damped feeling – including the feedback from the air in general  again nice landing.

Miles drove over from Bo Peep so no longer quiet peaceful but nice to see him. We had a coffee during hail shower then I took off again, this time I pulled on more VG and flew to the trig point. I tested the trip to Bo Peep but there was some west in the wind making the return dodgy, I got back to the trig point got up then flew all the way to Johns training bowl – felt great.

Same thing again, came in for a landing then walked forward for a nice and fast launch – flew again to the trig point and to Johns bowl which this time felt turbulant – tried to pull on speed and hold it all the way along the ridge. I had to input all the time to hold heading and I guess this was at 1/2 throttle so to speak – lost lots of height when I did this – gained it back – then at the end of the flight the air got a little more lifty and I did a few 360s – mmm – I do like this glider – it feels so calm in the air. Feeling a little tired I came in for maybe too high an approach and landed… more coffee and chat with Miles then finally home – knackered.

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