Flying at last…

After a semi disastrous trip to the supermarket we finally got ourselves up to the Kobala takeoff for about 11am. However once there and seeing that no one was flying we had some second thoughts about flying as It is always worrying if there are no other pilots either flying or rigging – it makes you wonder what you have missed.

A German pilot arrived and decided it was too windy and left. He was experienced in the mountains so I thought that was the end of the day. However in such a beautiful place I was happy to hang around on launch for as long as the others were.

Later Ozzie started to check the wind and get his flying suit on, things had calmed down and were cycling through with regular nice thermals. Launching is a lot like the Chabre – a knife edge ridge with steep runs both sides.

Once Ozzie was off and I had fixed and then re fixed my radio I got off too straight into a lovely smooth thermal. It was great to be flying after all the effort of getting here, and so beautiful to be able to see the big mountains behind and into Italy in front.

We all had nice extended flights in the valley above Tolmin, I flew for just under an hour landing in the official field outside the town.

Then it was time to get on the back of Ozzies bike for a run up to takeoff and to retrieve the car,  that was interesting but not as scary as I had thought – we may well survive our time here after all…

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