After a week reflecting on how crap I was at thermalling last week and having had a really positive conversation on with some meaningful and interesting input so I had lots to think about while trying to deconstructing my technique and do better.

I tried to relax and let the glider go more I also made a knot in the angle of dangle rope which had been slipping while flying and ground handling leaving me unsupported and tired holding myself up on the basebar.

The air was good, although I was tipped vertical, or it felt that way not long after takeoff finding myself falling directly over the setup area which was eer interesting. Once established in the thermals I concentrated and stuck with it getting to cloudbase, I did find my thoughts wander when things started to weaken, but rather than think to the next thing or run bak to the ridge I started following the lift more tenaciously and made it a lot higher, no whispy bits though but within 1 or 2 hundred feet of the clouds.

It seems obvious too but I remembered some other advice also during this flight from Steve Cook and stopped myself looking at the ground, during a glide I watched the clouds and flew to a few, which was great, I had to stick with the decision and choose a landing field if it went wrong but they really do work like they say in the books

I really enjoyed this flight, at long last it feels like I am graduating It from being a ridge soaring pilot… today was really great – enjoyed it a lot… enjoyed the banter on the ground too… :-)

My landing was rubbish though, a good approach maybe too deep into the bowl field but when I flared it simply dropped me face first in the dirt. Not high energy just really bloody annoying.

I came also on Sunday but was late getting up then had to feed the boys was rigged ok just as everyone took off but when I got there it was light and no one was getting up. I made the choice to go but a paraglider landed in front of me and by the time he had cleared up I was not into it and had to de-rig to take the boys to Sussex. Others went a long way under what looked like amazing clouds.

[GOPRO – I have broken my mount, likely it got fed up with my landings, I have not then been able to make films – this I have missed after but have noticed the lack of distraction while flying. I have made a new mount with a carbon golf club shaft so I look forward to more soon.]

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