After a slight delay due to a flat battery in my car I eventually got going after Ozzie came to my rescue with some jump leads.

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 18.04.10

The lapse rate charts were showing potential for good lift if the sun ever did come out, 2pm was when things should clear, but after my delay I missed this hour when the day seemed most active.

Rigging was intersting only in so far as I was not able to feel myself do it as my fingers were so numb. Eventually I got it sorted and made it to take off where I found a modeler, I asked him to refrain from flying while I was low on the ridge, he was resistant and then confessed he was a paraglider pilot – what else should I say.

Take off was interesting – a little bumpy but fine – during the flight I thought to some of the things I read this week while on the train in ‘The Secrets of Champions‘. Following this advice I spent time letting go and feeling what the air was telling me. Seems simple but its so important to gain this dialogue with your glider. I was happy to feel that I was boating with some purpose, learning a little, it was great.

I was however worried about landing, this seems to be a feature of recent flights meaning I thought to bottom landing, or flying to Firle but in the end I was determined to make a standard Bo Peep landing and confront my worries with a good positive landing. My first approach was too high so I aborted it and got lower over the trees, then with plenty of speed made my final approach and a nice spot landing next to the rigging area. I had a little kick left about 5 feet from touchdown but I got it under control ok also managing to get much more upright than ever before.

I was happy a lot with this flight.

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