A lovely flight feeling free and easy all day, a feeling I have been missing for so long now, in the air, on the ground, among all the others, it was just beautiful to find myself with this way after all this time and effort.

The flight itself was ok, my launch felt sloppy and I then struggled to get my feet into my unfamiliar harness. However once I was established I felt comfortable. The new hang loop with a shorter drop left me feeling natural and comfortable.

My plan was to do a few flights so I would practice my landings and launches so later after only 10 minutes flight time when I was returning to launch for my first landing I flew along the path out in front I happened to blunder into a nice climb and so that idea just went right out the window.

The air felt nice and active but I was a bit tense and out of practice making it so physical I actually broke into a sweat, which unhelpfully also steamed up my goggles :-) Later I would feel a little nauseous and so I went to land rather than risk feeling ill in the air. Obviously I need to get out more… :)

My landing was in rough and turbulent air but it was great to feel such easy authority over my glider. My new Rotor harness is just exactly what I needed, it has in its own way saved my flying – thank you so much Rotor… amazing.

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