Friday off…

Because it was on at the Dyke.

I almost could not believe it, almost could not believe how few people were out on a beautiful day, too windy for many paragliders too which made the day much easier.

Shame the air was not so good, windy on the hill enough, nice clouds but not nothing really to get excited about in fact it was quite scratchy but better than sitting at work looking out my window at a brick wall.

My flights were ok, launching was good flying felt better after a few rusty feeling moments at first, my first landing was a dream but my second not so great – getting down to ground level both times I overshot with massive ground speed saw the paddock field simply whizz past beneath my feet, a bowl field landing was scrappy and untidy.  I would have liked another flight but the conditions seemed to switch off so I had lunch chatted and packed up to go home and make dinner for everyone.

Nice to be flying…

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