It was rather desperate after driving all day to get to the Dolomites during a reasonable day at Bassano to then find it unflyable had left us all a bit broken in spirit.

a bit wintery at launch in the Dolomites the day before

We had this one last desperate chance to fly and so we took it booking into a new hotel and driving again to Levino Terme.

We ate more Italian food together and then drove up to the take off place together with its Gasthaus. It was here in the end that I would spend the best moments of the trip and have a panini and wine after my slide down to the landing field.

We had been waiting after rigging, having a coffee and chatting sort of waiting for things to get better only to start to feel it rain. I was left thinking how bad it would feel derigging in the rain so I clipped in and ran off. Found a little patch of lifting air and circled in it for 15 mins or so then left to land before the rain really arrived in the valley.

After driving back up the hill I found a moment of contentment in the Gasthaus with a fire nice food and a little wine.

The next day I drove home.almost a week early.

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