After yesterdays inability to even start the task had my stomach turn with talk that today we were to try to fly over the Grossglockner. I felt that it was not sensible for me to even try and started to visualise a task I could do myself.


On a past visit Leinz was a goal and back then I had missed the best part by getting stuck early on finally surrendering with a long final glide into the landing field there where to add insult to injury I broke an upright, so it felt good to me to try this flight again.


Getting a little lost in my nerves was getting to me so I went off and I looked at the map myself and realised that this was more doable than I had thought, I programmed in most of Gerolf’s waypoints, took some away, and added a few of my own, inside that trigger that wordlessly fires was whispering ok… go for it.


This time I got up better but not as well as everyone else still, I, however, felt a flow and took advantage of yesterdays thermalling practice.

I made my own way taking a detour around the back ridge while always looking up at the clouds to help make choices about where to go. It became clear that this was a lot better than simply following the ground so over the flight I remained high and never had to save myself from low.

The mountains were amazing looking, full of ice and snow and so remote feeling. I spent time waiting next to some clouds to feel what that was like, not getting high and then lunging on – waiting was cool, felt good, felt relaxed.

Once I got out to my furthest turnpoint it was time to go home, still high I took my time but about halfway out from the high mountains I hit the most aggressive rough feeling air ever and shot up at high speed… this sort of shook me and from then on I was on a final glide to camping.

Just make it with only enough height to set up via one turn I made a great landing on the baking camping field.

I love Austria.

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