Hopeful Start

Checking my phone after waking up while thinking about decorating I saw that it was on at the Dyke so the day changed in a moment. 

I still wanted to make progress and so I added another coat of paint before getting ready which in itself was a lesson in how much I’d forgotten about that whole process.

Once there it was lighter than I expected and so the first chats were about not flying in that cautious lets have a cuppa sort of way things ofter are. However it improved so I rigged.

Finding a tiprod broken from last time remembering I had a spare driving home and retrieved it I wondered if this was not a sign telling me to walk the dog but when finished rigging now with Steve Cook flying above I had only the excitement of a fly urging me to clip in and take off after waiting for some space between the many ‘new years day’ walkers. 

The flight was fine, soaring between paragliders and one excursion down to the powerlines. The view out to sea was definingly stunning. Once I felt it weaken then I came in to land.

That could have been better but overall but it was a rare northerly and a flight at the Dyke first time for a long time – making this a great start to the new year. 

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