house thermal

The weather data pointed to a good day with strong climbs rising to 5000ft it was exciting to think to be getting away again for another XC adventure.

On the day I was ready to go by 08:30 almost totally unheard of in these days but as I observe others take better advantage of days I think it will be a feature more of my flying.

There was always a feeling that the sea breeze would be a feature however the wind was strong SW and it was kept away till about 5pm so not significant.


My flight was ok, a smooth launch and some nice climbs, I struggled a little among others and felt much happier and more focused on my own, I will have to challenge this constantly if I am to do well in competitions. As it was we did form some gaggles at times and having radio at least made us feel more cooperative rather than muteĀ individuals.

I had to pick up my disgraced son from his grandparents so had to leave just as the clouds began to solidify and the air feel gently bubbly, others enjoyed far better air at this time than I had on my flight.

I was very happy however to have had a better – much better landing that at other times. I took Johns advice and had one hand on the basebar and one on the upright giving me much more authority over airspeed. It felt hugely more in control this is a great step forward.


I have not had my camera on for a while, I have noticed that I am better focused on the air without the distraction of the camera and although I like this I also miss the videos and the visual record of each flight. I have on order all the parts to finally fix my mount so we will be back in action soon. I think being mindful of it as a distraction now will help me accomodate it better in the future.

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