I’d forgotten…

I quite forgotten just how much fluid you lose while climbing Mt Caburn, somehow the years since erased that memory entirely.

After a nice chat with some walkers and an agreement with a modeller, I was ready to go quite soon after finally arriving. This time I had not managed to carry everything at once so getting ready meant 2 trips with my glider and then my harness, split in half and shared, which worked well.


Once I got off and reached for the VG it was then that I noticed that I had not properly checked my glider and it was not threaded through its cleat so the first 10 mins or so saw me sort that out.

At first, it was scratchy then some nice air came through and I climbed up to 1400ft then the coast looked wet and the air slackened off and so I went off for a landing.


Had a great full flair no step landing finding that there was very little wind in the bottom field. A really nice end to a satisfying flight.

Felt like the old days.

13/06/2010 - flight on my own with my WW Eagle
03/07/2010 - carry up together with Ozzie
24/07/2010 - flight alone
25/07/2010 - windy launch - Fergus visit
07/05/2011 - short flight on WW U2 - nice landing
08/05/2011 - little ridge soaring - Slovenia next

The memories of these flights had become a mush of Caburn flying in my mind, all the highlights kind of stuck together.

Nice to see the photo of Fergus.

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