il mio avventura 2013

In the next weeks I will see my plans unfold to take me again into the mountains to enjoy the air and to try to bring into its adolescence my flying.

Adventure Flying – Gerolf Heinrichs

Greifenburg, Austria

August 11th to the 17th – I will take part in the introductory/beginner course offered by Gerolf inĀ Greifenburg, Austria. My hope for this is to gain insight and some experience of good safe flying in the alps. Earlier this year I read Denis Pagan’s book ‘The Secrets of Champions’ and also entries fromĀ Zhenya’s blog about his last years masterclasses, so when this came up on facebook that there would be more this year I jumped at the chance, changing my plans that would have seen me again in Slovenia.

Its true that I have to be mindful of my accidents, that in Slovenia in 2011 and then again in Italy in 2012, my love of flying has not been tested by these events, other things, other interpersonal issues, have tested me more than simply breaking a leg or hitting my head. I am clear that I need to be serious about my safety, be strong and clear about my decisions, take responsibility for all that has happened and enjoy what is to come. It is however also true that these things weigh on my a little and that I will feel some relief to have tested myself and come home okay this time.

This trip also will include Theresa who will drive retrieve for me while on the course, I am happy not to have to worry for a retrieve and also content to let time pass with her together with me after so many troubles and upsets in these last years. We will see what this brings.

i Dolomiti


After the course I have made small arrangements to maybe fly in the Dolomites if the weather is kind in the days left to me. I am open to however this works and will enjoy maybe simply to be there happy among the mountains with my coffee and my bad italian to enjoy a few days to go home.

Returning will be directly to the r3 BOS in south Wales. I will hope to feel current and able to climb out maybe with less effort than last time. I look forward to this a lot.

Hope for safe flights and happy landings.

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