It is interesting to think that around this time last year I stopped partly because my landings were getting dangerous, my confidence for flying had deserted me almost to the point where I toyed with the idea of simply giving away all my gear, not even interested in the money, everything about flying felt bad.

il mio poco volo

While I looked up at all the others flying in lovely wafty evening conditions I started to wonder why it was I was looking up at all as minutes before I had been up there with them!


After a nice little relaxing fly out to Truleigh and back, once I returned, I found I was preparing for a landing, pulling on speed, listening to my glider whistle at me, I kept the speed all the way in to ground effect and whooshed along for a while which was handy as I had forgotten to properly get upright or in fact remove my feet from the harness.


No matter as I got myself sorted and felt the glider come ready to flare making a nice touchdown in the larger bowl field. I can’t say clearly enough how much this transforms my view on flying, being in a place where landing is something I desire to do rather than dread is nothing short of a rebirth of my desire for the whole sport.

That said I did miss out on a beautiful evening floating about, but at least I want to be up there now – I am back… have a smile running through me… I think the word is happy.

Happy landings.

[ I have noticed that my goggles steam up while I fly – this time I figured that it was the Rotor – it is so warm and cosy I will have to wear less when I’m flying :) ]

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