lines of lift

following lines of lift in front of launch

I noticed enthusiastic chatter about flying on my mobile just as I was getting up quite contrary to the view outside which was not inviting in the least. So I got ready anyway, cooked breakfast for the boys and made my exit stage left.

I walked to the steeper launch to be safe as it was windy taking off into nicely lifty air.

During the flight I reflected on all the advice from the ‘Secrets of Champions‘ book and felt and followed lift lines better than before – it was a very satisfying flight for this. I landed after an hour for a cup of tea and a chat but the day slackened off and the wind took a westerly component so I de-rigged and eventually drove home for lunch at the mother in laws.

I have posted this in the XC league – as the others are posting micro FAI triangles and single thermals up over the back and pulling away in the league – so I am too – however if feels like a fraud – Id rather get away and post some morally sound miles on the site… however I could not resist the urge to keep up and the ameliorate the fear that I may lose because I was somehow morally conflicted about posting bogus XC flights… but I do feel a strong urge to get away again and negate the need for this sort of gaming on the league.

[06/06/12 – actually, Ive now deleted them…and spend a good deal of time  looking for the next good day on RASP…]

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