little things…


After some days without hope in their forecasts, it was nice to leave the pub last week able to look forward to a potentially good day coming. Saturday was blown out yet Sunday did not really have enough, it was sunny however and almost ok so it was better than nothing and worth getting ready for.

I struggled in two minds due to my back as well as last weeks operation, but on seeing the sky I clicked into gear waisting no time getting my stuff ready setting off just before 10am.

My flight was scratchy and some of it below ridge hight, after my last mishap I was happy to be happy and did not touch the vg this time, had an interesting chat with Dave Mathews and generally felt happy all round

My landing was ok right to the end when I got to need to flare and was not level leading to a nose over but no damage to me or it, brought in loads of speed everything was good right till it wasn’t but I think I was both in the gradient and a little crosswind so what do I expect.

I would get in ready for another flight but there were 3 PG pilots in front of me on the ridge, playing about and having a laugh, doing wingovers right in front of me for maybe 10 or more minutes – I came to think given it was busy even though the air was a lot better than I should expect all the PG people to be equally as blind to what was around them so I chose to de-rig and listen to the doubts inside me. I was a little upset to have missed the best air but happy that I had a little flight and that it was good.

NIce day all round.

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