Long Mynd

Back in 2010 with only a few hours under my belt we all went to Wales for a weekend flying at Long Mynd inspired by “Clive and Ozzie on Tour”. I journeyed up with Miles but camped alone in my little tent. It was exciting to go on an adventure. Great place with a little Welsh town containing 2 x breweries and 6 x pubs.


I love camping, love the feeling when you wake up somewhere special and know you are about to do something exciting.


First flight I had a spectacular takeoff – nice initial lift – then run the length of ridge – lost height and bottom landed  which was a little confusing because Miles had managed to land in a tree in bottom field. I had made low exit from ridge and made single glide to landing field low approach worked well but had left me on get out or options however I landed at my target. I spent the rest of the day trying to get Miles out the tree and missed any chance to get up and have another flight.


The next day looked good too, I had a smooth takeoff but once once I was up I struggled feeling a little uncomfortable at first but then found nice lift and connected with good 360’s.

I tried to make top approach a few time and got taken up in lift, finally pulled on speed and made great approach over cars with lots of speed nice landing 1/3 of the way into the field :-)

Miles wanted to get home so no second flight, later I felt as if this was the wrong choice when driving home all I could see were perfect clouds everywhere.

Another day.

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