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While everyone else was scraping along at base 4000 ft amsl the ‘high’ light of my flight was scraping along the treetops down at the bottom landing field, after only a couple of minutes in the air I was already unzipped and resigned to a landing.

instruments tell me I was down to 140ft AGL

Hearing beeps is akin to the whatever you consider to be the most beguiling music known to man. You far less hear it, than feel it in your soul, for in it you find hope and in hope there is adventure.

So when I reached a normal soaring altitude I felt like I had conquered everest, an experience I shared with 3 beautiful Red Kites.

I did not however ever connect well with air, air I watched others play effortlessly in, I was too conscious, not feeling enough, too much missing others to really relax and connect with the air, so in the main the flight as a whole was a struggle or felt conflicted and uncomfortable. That too however could simply be me not being current. Maybe both.

Not a feeling share by my landing, I made my approach into the larger bowl field but turned in too short and so had to pull in hard so as not to overshoot. I came to a hovering stop about maybe 5ft up and floated down gently, not perfect but compared to last year it was amazing.

I find with each good landing my confidence is growing and more than that my enjoyment of the flight itself is being freed of the cloak of anxiety that had clouded me when I was dreading my landings in my old Cosmic harness.

The effect of the Rotor is quite simply to transition to upright in an easy and positive way, and there it stays. By remaining in the upright position without physical input from me I am then left with a light touch on the glider so its through my fingertips I am able to feel her and so fly her its that simple.

With the Cosmic I had had to physically pull myself upright which became a barrier to flying, dulling my senses and introducing unnecessary forces into the system leading to involuntary ballooning and a lack of control when I needed it most.

With the Rotor the effect is for me to find my feet under me when I land and for the speeds and the forces all to feel in balance, its fantastic and is growing my confidence and allowing me enjoy each flight freely. It is hard to state clearly enough how liberating that is after almost giving up last year.

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