May Bank Holiday

Very often bank holidays catch me napping in the relentless regularity of daily life, so this one was made up as I went along. This sort of underlines the notion that I am oblivious and life rather happens around me somehow, yet I am lucky to have enough interests to be able to fill a whole bank holiday with one interesting and envigorating thing after another with very little unused time in between.


While Tamsyn was at work I got out on my bike for a spin out to Stans Bike Shack, the day was windy but there were loads of other cyclists all along the route, all with the wind behind them while against my usual planning I faced into wind almost the whole time. Nice to do a few miles, changing my usual route to end up over Ditchling and a stop at The Flower Pot Cafe and with only the briefest change before I was out again to my art classes. The day ended with pizza which was perfect.

Life drawing.


Casey was off to his last rugby of the season so I went off to yet another day at The Dyke. Without trying I arrived early again to find most of the other pilots at another site and the wind off a little to the east, still strong and the air still cold.

Ready to go.

Waiting around a little talking before rigging let the wind come round a little. In the morning I had made everyone a full cooked breakfast, this was still very present in my stomach while I turned in the quite strong and bumpy thermals that seemed to be regularly spaced out along the ridge. I felt a bit sick, which was distracting.

Steve Cook launching for a second flight.

After seeing Taka’s flight from last week and him taking thermals much further back I did the same getting up more as a result but still not to base. In fact, a combination of me feeling sick, my harness feeling cramped had be get spooked a little when a climb I was in started to accelerate as I neared base, reminding me of Austria it kept accelerating even as I glided forward and so I flew right out the front into calmer air. Took this on a little tour of yesterdays ride and soon after to a landing.

Three attempts later I was on the ground in the bowl field feeling happy to have landed well again.

Second flight.

After coffee I watched Steve Cook beat up the tourists wondering if I should or if I wanted to fly again, the notion that these days have been rare came to me as he seemed to be getting up fine and so I got in and ran off – into quite dead air – I was distracted a little by forgetting to switch on my vario again but all the same did not do well at staying up and slid down all the time.

Afternoon saw the day mellow out.

My landing however was great – well worth the flight – the crop in the bottom field was not friendly and so with my drogue out again I was sure to make a determined flair when I first glimpsed the right time and so fully stopped and plopped down on my feet, it was great to do. A brilliant end to a good day.

Walking the dogs.

Monday was to be kayaking but it was cold still and so we had a lazy day and only managed to walk the dogs at Stamner for lunch at the little cafè. I was happy to rest and relax.

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