Monte Pizzoc

We could only see far away chances, drove early to Vittorio Veneto for a flight from Monte Pizzoc back to Gemona.

Launching from such high places feels like cheating after my 450ft home sites taking off at 1500m or over 3000ft kind of changes things.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 22.19.53

Most of this flight was easy until it was not then it was a struggle to survive, something I liked a lot in fact


I made a huge mistake by following my group when the passed me in a climb out in the flats, I was ok but the distraction of seeing them blast past looking like they were off somewhere had me follow which for the next hour maybe I was punished for.

Once I was in Meduno I had a good climb but on the radio there were comments about rain and turbulent landings.

I chose to land near a pub in the sun.

I got home at 02:15am

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