Seems the flyable days and I coincide on a monthly basis these days. I missed September because on its good day I had a cold so I was keen to get something out of this one.

I set the alarm for early so I would not snooze past this letting the day evaporate in a sort of funk of inactivity, in the end, I was a little late to the hill but rigged and got off in one smooth movement.


Choosing to rig away from the main group to avoid the negative comments on how iffy the conditions are – a tactic that left me calmer and more positive inside me.


In the end, I had a really short scratchy flight – but I had a nice launch and a good squeak of a landing in lightening air, I was happy to have got my feet off the ground.

I kind of felt then as the paragliders filled up and the air felt lighter that this was it for me for the day but when I was driving away I think I was driving under the best air of the day, the sun had come out it had heated up and people were getting to cloudbase now much higher than before – I was not really able to get anything above maybe 100ft.

Bittersweet in the end.

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