Leaving to go home on Sunday evening, finding it was still unflyably windy left me smiling after earlier changing my rather weak-minded plans to fly on Sunday a decision that needed the forecast wind to drop, in my heart I had known that likely it would not, but irrationally hoped it might, suspecting I’d not have to fly.

Saturday was forecast light and southerly and so although sunny and nice it was not flyable at all, except, via the aerotow group. Not having towed for years after, a rather sporting experience, I was full of excuses not to go, developing plans to walk the dog along Camber Sands, nice enough, like a lot of my weekends – not anything to do with flying.

Once Saturday dawned and the idea entered my head – I started to feel the tensions rise inside – really a lot. Enough for me to find doing household chores, anything in fact rather than confront my nerves compounding leaving me stunned. Giving in to those nerves would rationally come to result in me selling my gear because to chose not to fly when it was obviously possible, given the paucity of opportunity these days, would be to give up.

getting ready

Getting to grips with a runaway set of nerves is in and of itself a challenge, others recognised this too and I was offered first off, but I could not face that and so elected to go later, 4th in fact This distracted me by helping others off, by getting involved was distracting enough, that together with sitting in the shade, relaxing but in the end I had to gear up and get going – finally confronting my fears.


Slack taken up, the engine running, the batman holding things taught – inside I found no reasonable excuse not to go – so calling “all out”, I finally surrendered to everything seeming at once to lose all the nerves.

hazy dreamy air

So smooth, so fresh, so beautifully free, I was reminded just how wonderful it is to be able to fly, I am so lucky to be able to do this at will. All the nerves just evaporated the instant I let go of the trolley. Smoothed it all off as I felt my way up with Rod and we climbed up to the release point.

We were easily able to stay aloft for over an hour, enjoying the thermals, the view, the feeling of the air on my face, the hazy view of the coastal hills and home. It was calm and familiar feeling.

I fell in love with it all once more.

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