Netflix goes a long way to insulate me from the journey home from work, my 60 minute journey fits well into the series watching universe. This time it was the new season of Suits, at 45 minutes per episode there is a pause before I arrive home, in these days of only occasional flying I am not so tuned into the weather in any real-time way so it was a surprise to notice people on Telegram talking up that it was on and on well the next day. So I messaged work and took the day off and plugged my vario in to charge up.

Seeing that the day was to start strong and weaken steadily I arrived far too early and was rigged and ready before 10am. Feeling that the air was not ready yet, remembering the charts I was happy to chat to Steve Cook who had arrived at a more normal time. In the end I took off 11:39 after sitting at launch for a while enjoying – sitting at launch waiting – breathing deeply and loving that I was clipped in.

To find myself in the air on a Thursday in beautiful clear sunshine and with no restrictions on my time was a dream. I had a calm sense of being back in a place that I deeply love. However – that said I found it physical – ached and rather struggled to stay up. I would get about halfway to base and lose the climb or lose confidence drifting too far back, come forward and regain my place on the ridge.

Landing number one was good all the way till I flared, flaring at all was not needed and nosing over and getting stuck was annoying. Needing to be helped was even more annoying. So the second landing using the same approach was much better, much much better.

Later we would sit in the pub for a post flight drink and chat, it was nice even though I was aching and tired, late enough too for me to have my dinner up there. A full day.

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