odd feeling

I so much love my flying, I am not sure what started it, what got me to post that letter back in 1987 but there is something about flying that is in my blood. It was so good to find a forecast I was able to take advantage of, not stuck in a cupboard photographing boxes like last time. It was great to be around the other pilots again to chat and laugh talk and listen in many ways that was the best part of the day.


I did in fact fly, it took me a while to come to it but I did do it. Not sure why it took me so long to get clipped in but it did and that’s that.


My vario was not working, it took a while to notice but it was cutting out every 30 seconds so there was no continuity at all with its illustration of the air. I thought to land but realised there was not a lot I could do so once I had thought to ignore it and to enjoy where I was – the views over the channel and the crisp clarity of the air I was happy a lot.


Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 20.06.04

Sensing the air is interesting without the beep beep of your vario painting its picture, you are left with the feelings and the accelerations here and there to tell you where is good. I was able to recognise entering thermals weak as they were but found it more difficult while turning. I had to look to the horizon and trust I was going up. Intuitively however I was happy I was in tune with the air enough on this a simple soaring day. The experience was a good one so maybe I will stitch it off next time.


I dont however like the discontinuity I have now with my flight data, I did not bring my backup GPS for the first time thinking it to be superfluous but in fact it would have been vital if this had been a task. Navigating too would have become impossible or a feat of memory so I should think of efficient ways to record a task so I can cope with instrument failure and still be able to have a go.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 20.04.41

Later we would sit in the pub and drink a beer, I listened to Steve Cook and Mark Watts discussing flying that in itself made the day as it was. The oddness will pass, its cause is an irrelevance.

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