one wednesday

setting up for a day on the ridge

The talk online was that Wednesday would be good, so without much investigation I booked it off as a holiday. Later quick looks at the weather would say it was maybe going to be light but I thought sitting on a hill is so much better than sitting at a desk, there was no contest.

I was a little late to the hill as I had gone to Bo Peep initially but it was north and better at Firle. The air was active and full of thermals although they were drifting swiftly over the back. I flew at first for 30 mins over the trig point. While there I flew to some rooks marking a thermal, I was delighted when they joined me in it, circling with me for a while, really beautiful.

Later on my second flight while thermalling at the other end of the ridge I was aware of streaks flying past me as I was turning. These were swifts, the thermal was strong and it made my day to be among them.

Really a very beautiful day.

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