parking congestion

I had been thinking that Sunday would be out with the cyclists right up until Saturday night and a quick check on the weather showed it to be NE and nicely on the hill.

It was with some long-lost enthusiasm that I got everything ready and started off to Bo Peep, a feeling that I have not had for far too long – I think having a nice goal this year and feeling that my landings are something I am happy and confident with all my confidence has returned.

Flying was fine Рthe air was a little lumpy but bright and quite beautiful. I managed to approximate a few thermals and feel happy in one of them in fact the air was interesting enough to have me drop the plan to do touch and goes and just stay there and enjoy myself for a little while.


My first approach saw me overshoot which in the wind we had I was very surprised about – the second approach was along the same line and from similar heights but I was drilled at the last 50 ft and ended up landing between lots of gliders – with luck I managed to miss all of them but in doing so I did one of my uprights.

In all I felt better today and with everything fixed look forward to the next time with gusto.

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